Dental Insurance

Paid for by The Black Car Fund.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance helps you keep your teeth healthy! Take care of your teeth with emergency and preventative care!

NEW AND IMPROVED Dental Insurance –all dental services now 100% covered!*

You will now pay $0 for all in-network dental services, whether preventative, basic, or even major, up to $2,000 maximum benefit per year!* That includes fillings, crowns, even dentures, all at no cost to you.

What’s Included in our Upgraded Dental Insurance?

  • All dental services, whether preventative, restorative or major!
  • No deductible!
  • No co-pays!
  • $0 out-of-pocket!2
  • Expanded provider network—choose from tens of thousands of in-network dentists. Click here or call 1-833-814-8590 to locate a provider near you!
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for out-of-network dentists2,3,5

Your Dental Insurance will be available to you 5 days after you activate your Drivers Benefits.

Already enrolled in Drivers Benefits? Then you have immediate access to our upgraded dental insurance!  Visit your Member Guide to get started.

To obtain detailed coverage information prior to enrollment including disclosures, limitations and exclusions, visit My Member Info.

*Preventive services (Type A), Basic Restorative (Type B) and Major Restorative (Type C) are 100% covered when you visit an in-network participating dentist, subject to frequency limitations and $2,000 annual benefit maximum.

2Costs may be incurred if an out-of-network provider is used.

³ What you pay for your care may be greater when you visit a dentist who does not participate in the MetLife network.

⁴Negotiated fees refer to the fees that in-network dentists have agreed to accept as payment in full for covered services, subject to any benefit maximums. Negotiated fees are subject to change.

⁵ Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC):  Payment for out-of-network services is based on the lesser of the dentist’s actual fee or the Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC).  The out-of-network Maximum Allowable Charge is a scheduled amount determined by MetLife.

Like most group benefits programs, benefit programs offered by MetLife contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force.

Group dental insurance policies featuring the Preferred Dentist Program are underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166.

MetLife has approved the content relating only to the MetLife insurance products listed here. MetLife makes no representations with respect to the Black Car Fund or Independent Drivers Guild or the benefits thereof.

This represents an overview of your MetLife dental plan benefits. This document presents the majority of services within each category, but is not a complete description of the plan.


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