Medical Clinics

Paid for by the Independent Drivers Guild

Modern MD is one of the top clinics serving Brooklyn and Queens, and for a limited time only, Drivers Benefits members can be treated for non-emergency issues at no cost!


If you need a quick check-up, or need help with other non-emergency issues like COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, blood testing, and more, you can receive treatment at no cost at the following Modern MD locations:

Modern MD does not provide emergency care, but can provide treatment for non-emergency issues, such as:

Colds and flus
Sore throats
Pregnancy testing
Blood tests
(heart monitoring)

Blood pressure
and more
Sprainsand more
Check-upsand more

A Modern MD medical provider can also prescribe medications if it’s necessary for treatment. Drivers Benefits members will be responsible for the cost of any medication prescribed. You can use your Prescription Discount card included as part of your Drivers Benefits!

How Does This Work?

For a limited time, the Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) is covering the cost of Medical Clinics for Drivers Benefits members.

After you visit one of the Modern MD locations listed above, the IDG will be sent the bill. You might get an explanation of benefits that outlines the care you received, but this is not a bill.

NOTE: You will be responsible for the cost of any medications prescribed to you as a result of your visit at ModernMD. Medical Clinics, paid for by the IDG, is only available at the locations listed above.

How to Use This Benefit

  1. If you haven’t signed up for Drivers Benefits yet, click the link below, or call us at 833-814-8590 for help.

2. Visit one of the three Modern MD clinics listed above – no appointment needed!

3. Before you go, make sure you bring: 

  • Your TLC license
  • Your insurance information ONLY if you have it (Drivers Benefits will cover the cost of your visit if you have insurance or not)
  • Drivers Benefits Member Card

4. When you check in at the front desk, be ready to show your TLC card and say that you’re a Drivers Benefits member

5. Your membership will be confirmed, and then you’ll wait to see a medical professional (depending on the issue, most patients are seen within an hour)

6. That’s it! You won’t get billed for your treatment, but you are responsible for the cost of any medications you’re prescribed during your visit (but don’t forget to use your Prescription Discount card)

Need Help Using Medical Clinics?

If you receive a bill for your treatment, or if you have questions about this benefit, please call us Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM at , or email us at

NOTE: Medical Clinics from the IDG does not offer emergency care. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately. This benefit is not a health insurance policy and does not cover the cost of any medications prescribed during your visit to ModernMD. Medical Clinics is ONLY available at the locations listed above.  

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