Diagnostic Imaging Discounts

Access to providers who offer 40% to 80% savings on MRI, CT and PET Scans. Paid for by The Black Car Fund.

What is Diagnostic Imaging Discounts?

Drivers Benefits members get access to substantial discounts on MRI, CT and PET procedures when using the network of participating providers.

  • Savings of 40% to 80% on MRI, CT and PET scans.
  • First Class Scheduling Service guides you through an easy and stress-free scheduling process.

Actual Savings for a Current Member:

ScanAverage ChargeAverage KIS Imaging CostSavings
MRI$2,900$800$2,100 (72%)
CT$1,200$500$700 (60%)
PET$5,400$1,700$3,700 (69%)
Note: Savings may vary based on providers and geographical location.

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